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OWASP Summit 2011… here I go!


In the 15th. century, Portugal discovered the World!

Now, in the 21st. century, Portugal and OWASP will, once again, point to the AppSec World the right direction – the OWASP SUMMIT 2011.

I already knew OWASP from some time ago. In 2007 I noticed that there was no Portuguese OWASP chapter, and I decided that didn’t make any sense. So, in late 2007, the OWASP Portuguese Chapter was born. After some initial time constraints the chapter as finally kicked-off and we were able to participate and actively help on the OWASP SUMMIT 2008, held in Algarve, Portugal.

Between then and now, I’ve been working to spread the OWASP message throughout our country, organizing several talks around Portugal (Castelo Branco, Viseu, Covilhã, Lisboa) as a way to promote OWASP mission and to create interest and motive people to actively participate.

More recently, we joined efforts with the Spanish OWASP chapter and we started organizing IBWAS (the Ibero-American Web Applications Security conference) that was held in its first edition (2009) in Madrid, and the more recent one (2010), in Lisbon. IBWAS is a research and industry conference, mixing the best of both worlds in a common ideas and knowledge exchange forum. Recently, I have also been involved in the OWASP Academies initiative.

I’m personally committed in continuing to support OWASP and its mission, spreading more and more OWASP throughout our country, pushing OWASP know-how into the academy/universities, and creating specific training programs based on OWASP knowledge.

So, there’s no other place I rather be in the beginning of February. OWASP SUMMIT 2011 is the place where everything related to WebAppSec, that will mark the next years, will occur.

Passionate professionals. Great ideas. Wonderful venue. The perfect mix for a successful event.
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