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Windows Mobile 7



Today I’ve had the chance to test the new Windows Mobile 7, running in a gorgeous and powerful Samsung terminal.

All in all, and due to the time we had in touch with the device I was quite surprised. The interface is fluid and fast, it integrates all your communication channels into a single one, the touch screen is also accurate and fast. A good experience.

Looks like the guys from Redmond finally made it, but it may two late.

Concluding: WM7 seems to be really great and already providing a much better user experience than the previous versions of WM. Nevertheless I will stick with my iPhone4, that in my opinion is still one the best smartphone platforms existing today.

  • henrique2twitte

    Windows 7……And you insert a iPhone IOS picture!! ????My phone is also a iPhone4…

  • Carlos Serrao

    Did you read my final conclusion?My favourite is also the iPhone4 – that’s why I placed a picture of the home screen of my iPhone4 😉

  • henrique2twitte

    Consigo exprimir-me melhor em Português…. ;)Independentemente da conclusão no final do artigo, confundes o leitor ao ilustrar o texto com algo completamente diferente do título.Imagina o seguinte cenário:O New York Times, faz um título de primeira página com letras garrafais com o seguinte: “A Mercedes Benz é o fabricante do século”.Depois, ilustra o artigo com uma fotografia de um BMW!(Porque o jornalista gostava mais de BMW’s).É apenas por uma questão de coerência entre o que é o chamariz (título) e a punch line (imagem).Não leves a mal, é apenas a minha opinião.

  • Carlos Serrao

    Don’t worry… you’re free to criticize whatever you like. But please, take into consideration that I’m not a journalist, I’m not a professional blogger, nor this is a professional blog.Please don’t take me wrong, but I was just being a little bit ironic on my post, because the post was about WM7, but I still prefer, use and love my iPhone 4. Period!It’s as simple as that…;-)

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