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Crypto on Kryptos…


The CIA headquarters hold since 1990 a beautiful and enigmatic sculpture made by Jim Sanborn, an American sculptor, called Kryptos. Kryptos is the first cryptographic sculpture made by Sanborn. 


The sculpture has been both a puzzle and a mystery for those who hope to crack the cyphered messages contained within the sculpture. Since Kryptos was erected, three of the four sections of the sculpture have been solved. 

However, no one has yet been able to solve the remaining 97-character message.


Jim Sanborn has revealed recently a clue for the final 97-character sequence. The clue is “BERLIN”. The six letters — NYPVTT — are the 64th through 69th letters of the final 97 characters. When deciphered, they read BERLIN.

So, if you have taste for mysteries and want to throw in some hours of your time, go ahead and crack the final message panel in the sculpture. You’ll get your share of fame, I believe.
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